Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Turn

Its been really a long time since I have poured my heart here..It's not that I didn't have anything to's just that I have so much to write but was unable to decide what to write first.. Here I am..
In a land of opportunities,different system,different culture and different people!
Yes,things are new,things are different,things are moving fast trying to override my past.But I am standing in the middle of the new and the old..Thinking about the both at the same time..I am sure I need not tell which one gets the priority..But new is something at hand presently and needs my attention!
Yet,my mind keeps on moving to and fro between the two parts of the world!
One where my heart is and the other where my mind should be!
Everyone out here has come this far to achieve something with a dream in their eyes..Everyone must be facing this too..
But as far as I am concerned,I Accept that I am not able to Accept yet!!

Stray thoughts apart,the world here around me is settling down,meeting new people everyday,seeing new places everyday (at least in the university campus) and looking forward to the things coming ahead!

Just remembered something on my way to log out..

I used to always think over the lyrics of the song "California Calling.."Before they didn't make much sense to me..But now they surely do..Listening to the song sitting in California itself gives me a kind of Nostalgic feeling..
Life is moving..but it has taken a turn..I hope the road makes it to all the places and people I want to reach!

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  1. Yeah,surely the times of utter,sudden change are difficult at first.For a thing that we feel so comfy in the world we are rite now n for the thing that there is a small establishment of ours to which sometimes we are so attached emotionally...
    I so wanto suggest u here that...Don't think much,don't let the excitement die n make your stay there as memorable n beautiful as it cud ever be..
    All the best :)