Monday, November 1, 2010

Time changes things!

'Time' :
No one has it no one wants to sell it!
But,everyone wants to buy it!
It is invisible,yet powerful!
It can make people dance on their toes so that they can manage it well..
In my opinion,it is the most expensive thing in life!

Right when we are born,the journey called life with the driver called Time takes us on a toll to reach to unknown destinations where it stops,takes a pause and again moves on! 
We swing along with it..try to cope up with it's pace..tasting different experiences..through different phases.
Anyways..this post is not an essay on TIME like the one we were made to write in school..But it is just to express my opinion on its Healing Power!

By healing I don't only mean healing of a wound but i mean closing a few chapters in life that don't actually deserve to be there in your book!

Time is one of the best Physicians..It heals almost everything! I wonder how it does it.

If there is a bad phase in one's life,he feels shattered,destroyed and completely broken.
Probably he thinks that he would never again get up from the ashes.But,to his surprize things change,Time flies,days change and sorrows of yesterday has changed it's way!
What seemed unending,is over!
What seemed impossible to achieve,is already there!
How?? Cause the Magician named Time has showed it's Trick!

When The unwanted time passes and the new replaces the old,
The phase then changes to make life shine again and glitter like gold! 

There are a lot of things that change,the bad ones change to good and sometimes good to bad..

When we look at our past,things look sad,things look things look different.Cause actually,things have changed!!And the one that has done all this is it-The Time!
But,to be frank many a times,I don't really want some things to change,I wish we could control what the time could change and what it could not! Life would have been so much under control!
But on the other hand I also feel that it is good that things change! After all change is good and what happens,happens for better!


  1. True indeed.. Time is really important and it all depends on how much you value it..
    You need to give time, not just to heal, but also for things to work out as well if they are not going well..
    Nice post.. :)

  2. Love this post!!!U just read my mind..
    "Time:it is the most expensive thing in life!" true!
    Also,spending 'Time' for reasons worth it;could be the smartest,toughest and most important thing that ever was.. :)

  3. Hi.... lovely post... very true too...