Saturday, July 3, 2010

Accept it!

Sometimes handling some things become easier if we accept them as they are!
If they are painful,then accepting them makes life easier.Of course this doesn't help in vanishing the fact that it exists but keeping 'it' aside is much more helpful than keeping it all the time on top of the list and making things worse!!

The fact that I will be leaving soon for further education(which is good) and will not be present here,where I am right now makes me unhappy.I want to do both,I want to stay here with my parents,my bro at home and be with my friends,my people like I was till now & I also want to pursue higher education in US for which I will have to leave allll this at least for a while (while being 2 years from now ).

Sometimes I feel that everything is just my imagination.Me going now is not a real thing at all! But then the visa,the ticket,the preparation,the room mates,finding accomodation and finally tears bring me back to reality. I will have to go:-( :-)
Yesterday was the day when I met my friends after almost 2 weeks.I was imagining that we all will cry or something when we meet,because meeting each other everyday was almost like a routine for last few years.But none of us actually cried.Now the question revolving in my mind was "how come? ".
The reason was that may be we all had accepted the fact that "now" was the time to separate in order to pursue indivisual goals.
Though there is this weird feeling of being alone once again and moving in a different boat in a different sea,The Show Must Go On!!

As of now,all I can do is Accept the situation so that my boat reaches at it's destination and call back the friend's boats it had been with to say :
"Hi,I have reached and am fine.All The Best.Bye tc".


  1. will b difficult 2 meet each doesnt matter where u r..india madhe asal tari same case yes u wil b far away 4m ur family bt dont wory..its not mine but somebody has said tht " this world is a very small place and we will certainly cross path at some place, some time again"...Until then please keep in touch , take care of yourself..nd yes..Best of luck !!!

  2. "Accepting as it is".. Kharach khup mahatvachi goshta ahe.. In case of situations in life, in case of people in life and in case of you yourself..

  3. great you really caught it in words. we all with you . dont worry