Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bachhan reciting Bachhan

    It was a wonderful evening..and was different in many respects..First of all, I was finally away from the project,lectures and wait for the judges at the INC..Second I was sitting in an amphitheatre at Amanora park town with beautiful ambiance and Third----I was watching Amitabh Bachhan live..right infront on the stage!!!! He came in a simple cream coloured traditional wear and the first words which came out were "Namashkar".
     He was there to recite some of Dr.Harivansh Rai Bachhan's poems.He did the job almost as easily as he says the dialogues in the movies.His voice kept us locked so well that we didn't even realize how 90 minutes flew quickly.Yes,he went on and on from one poem to other for 90 minutes!! I was impressed by his stamina and enthusiasm! The first poem Madhushala that he sang was the one I liked the most.It gives the gist of life.
    Apart from that there were few others in the list which I would love to hear again.Though I didn't know Harivansh Rai's literature much,I have started looking for more of it after the evening.The speciality of his poems is that even after so many years,the essence of the poems connects with our present lives.After all,somethings in life never change.
I am glad I attended this event! One,It brought my poetic senses closer to me again(this engineering course has made life so focussed that sometimes I tend to forget about these senses).Two,I saw India's one of the great personalities live! This evening will be one of my memorable evenings..

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  1. poems r always good mean to xpress our feelings...