Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Day at Lavasa

Lavasa-they call it "Free India's largest city"..and I would call it  "A  must hangout place with friends!!"
The beauty at lavasa itself speaks a lot!! It has hundreds of reasons to attract people-The serene nature,The lake,The Boating club,The Orchids,The hotels,The permanent housing that are being provided,The Oxford center for education,The Space World Park,The Sports Academy and lotsss more...It has everything..Education,Leisure,Sports,Buisness,Tourism..You name anything for a quality and you have it!!
The day and night I spent there with my family was exciting,funfilled,beautiful and peaceful at the same time.We did a lot of different activities in just 24 hours that we spent there! Water sports,treking,a visit to Bamboosa and hogging on delicious food are a few of them.Bamboosa is a furniture factory where they make furniture using bamboo only.The bamboo that is used has got more strength than stainless steel even(I can assure you this because when all of us were sitting on the same made the cracking sound just once at the begining and was intact even after 15 or more minutes). The bamboo is a promoter of green earth,blue water and azure sky.So,cultivation of bamboo is helpful to build a better and pollution free environment.
The nature at lavasa has got a potential to rejuvenate our senses and bring them back from the daily grind.The most attractive part of the side-seeing was the 18 different species of orchids!! My god they were awesome..I couldn't decide which one should I capture first in my camera..Then i finally decided to start from my favourite colour until all of them were safe in my camera..Alongwith the orchids,the nursery had other rare plants too.
In the evening we had gone to the center of the city.Due to christmas celebrations the entire array of multicolour buildings was illumanated.The whole place reminded me of 'Genting Highlands' in Malaysia..The dancing lights,the settling fog down the hills..It was all simply awesome!
With the beautiful day and a lovely evening I retired for the night at my room in hotel 'Ekaant' where we stayed..
 The next day when we left from there,I had aleready decided to come back with my friends so that I could experience the same lavasa but with a different flavour as it is always the case with the friends!!


  1. First of all Welcome to the World of Blogging!!!

    A very nice post... Makes me want to visit Lavasa right away, with friends of course ;)

    Keep on Blogging!!!

  2. Lavasa sounds great,esp Bamboosa part seems a way all of it(Lavasa) reminds me of kop//Kolhapur(kop)is to its best esp in winter, the greenery, fresh n chilly weather,university side silent non-ending roads, some calm lakes,wide-spread grounds, cultivated/slapdash garden areas..nearly deserted vck building n lot more..sometimes the places just get fixed in our mind!

    n great to see you here,I always wanted you to start blogging..btw,nice start!!

  3. It's a wonderful place to visit....
    While reading i ws lost in my memories at Lavasa...

    Nice to see u write...
    Go ahead!!!