Monday, February 21, 2011

The ScEnT..

It all came with the wind.I don't know from where..but it suddenly came and took me to the golden days!
For the time being I forgot everything and followed 'it'.
Ahh..I still remember that day..we were in the middle of our trek,amidst the green mountain range aiming towards the white ones.Even though we were walking continuously,the snow capped peaks seemed far away.But still, we kept moving.
Not only the destination,but also the journey was beautiful.The scenery around,the sound of water flowing from the mountain and the the cold wind!!It was a treat not only to eyes,ears and skin but also to the nose.Nose??Yeah also to the nose..The scent is still there in my nostrils.The scent that took me back on the mountains even though I was far away in 'distance' and 'time'.The scent took me to that time and place where it belonged;The scent of Himalayas.
This is not the only one.There are different scents that characterize different places,different things,different occasions and also different people.I think scent is an amazing thing.It takes you to that part of the journey which you were not even thinking of.Even a slight breeze characterized by a particular smell takes you to the time with which it is associated.But sometimes it may also be other way round;The memories may bring back the scent too.
For every person the match of smell,place,people may be different.But the connecting link here is the scent that brings out the memories!!Even when I am writing this post now,I can think of so many different things that the scent has taken me to.It simply can be anything,anytime and out of nowhere just like now.All these thoughts came on my mind and I thought of sharing them here.
I am sure everyone has experienced this once in a while and wondered over the power of
 'the invisible scent'.